Front Partial Hair Systems

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Frontal Partial Skin Hair System

Frontal Partial Skin Hair System

$160.00 USD
Introducing Our Premium Frontal Hair System Introducing our revolutionary Premium Frontal Hair System, the ultimate solution for men experiencing frontal hair loss. Crafted from top-quality human hair, this cutting-edge hairpiece...

Frontal Hairpieces FAQs

Can a frontal hairpiece help with receding hairlines?

Absolutely! A frontal hairpiece can effectively address frontal baldness and thinning. It covers the bald region entirely, blending seamlessly with your existing hair to give you a natural, full-haired look

What factors can affect the lifespan of my frontal hairpiece?

Several factors can add unnecessary pressure on your frontal hairpiece and potentially shorten its lifespan. These include aggressive brushing, using the wrong pillow while sleeping, washing with chemical-rich products, and wearing a hat or helmet for a long time.

Why should I consider non-surgical frontal hairpieces for men?

Non-surgical hair restoration methods such as our men's frontal hairpieces from The Hair Solutions Store are a popular choice worldwide for addressing receding hairlines. Unlike surgical methods which carry certain risks, our partial hair systems are safe and easy to use. Whether your hair loss is due to medical conditions, stress, hormonal changes, or lifestyle factors, our high-quality frontal hairpieces can help you regain a full head of hair with ease.

How long can a partial frontal hairpiece for men last?

The lifespan of a men's frontal hairpiece can vary between a few weeks to a year. This largely depends on the type of base used and how well the hairpiece is maintained. Your lifestyle and how you use the hairpiece can also affect its lifespan.

Is it safe to sleep with my frontal hairpiece on?

Absolutely, you can comfortably sleep with your frontal hairpiece on. Many men prefer semi-permanent attachment as it removes the need for daily attachment and removal. However, it's important to note that sleeping with your hairpiece on may shorten its lifespan due to the pressure applied on the hair strands throughout the night.

Can I wear a hat with my men's stock frontal hairpiece?

Yes, you can certainly wear a hat with your frontal hairpiece. The hair strands of our stock frontal hairpieces are natural and blend seamlessly with your real hair. So, if you don't have time for a wash or touch-up, using a hat is completely fine.

Can I shower with my frontal hair system for men?

Yes, you can shower and even swim with a front partial hair system attached. Our frontal hairpieces are designed to withstand regular activities, including washing, without any issues.

How do I select the right color for my frontal hairpiece?

If you are unsure about the right hair color for your frontal hairpiece, The Hair Solutions Store offers several solutions. You can send us a few strands of your hair for a perfect match, purchase a color ring that covers almost all hair color types, or consult your barber for advice.

Can I attach the frontal hairpiece by myself?

While it is possible to attach a frontal hairpiece by yourself, we recommend seeking help from an experienced stylist, especially if you are new to hair systems. This is to prevent any potential damage to the hair system during the attachment process.

Can I cut my frontal hairpiece on my own?

Yes, you can cut your frontal hairpiece to achieve various hairstyles. However, if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, we recommend visiting a salon or professional stylist for the best results.