Skin Hair Systems

Embrace confidence with our ultra-thin skin hair systems and toupees for men, specially designed to provide a natural and comfortable solution for those dealing with hair loss. The Hair Solutions Store is dedicated to offering the best in both stock and custom skin-based hair replacement systems, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless and stylish appearance. Our ultra-thin skin hair...
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Skin Hair Systems FAQs

What exactly are skin hair systems?

A skin hair system for men is a personalized hair replacement solution, shaped precisely to fit your scalp. These systems from The Hair Solutions Store are designed to look and feel great, while also offering an easy-to-maintain base that simplifies the process of application and cleaning. Ranging from 0.03mm to 0.12mm in thickness, they mimic the appearance of your scalp, ensuring that your hair system is virtually undetectable.

How do I attach a skin hair system to my scalp?

There are typically three methods for attaching thin skin hair systems: through the use of glue, tape, or clip-on patches. If you opt to use glue or tape, your hair system can stay in place for up to a month or more without the need for deep cleaning. If you prefer to remove your hair system daily, clip-on patches are a reliable alternative that can extend the lifespan of your hair system.

How long do skin hair systems typically last?

The lifespan of skin hair systems like can range from 2 to 6 months or more, depending on the thickness of the skin material itself and depending on your maintenance routine. Proper care is absolutely essential for prolonging the life of your hair system. Factors such as hair type, color, styling, and storage can significantly impact the longevity of your system.

Can I shower while wearing a skin hair system?

Absolutely, you can shower with a skin hair system from The Hair Solutions Store. We recommend showering daily or every other day to remove oils from the scalp that might degrade the adhesive and shorten the lifespan of your hair system. However, it's essential to handle your hair system gently during washing and styling to ensure it remains in top shape.

Can I exercise with a skin hair system on?

Yes, you can exercise with a thin skin hair system. However, it's important to keep sweating to a minimum for the first 24 to 48 hours after bonding the hair system to ensure the adhesive sets properly. This consideration is particularly important for active individuals or regular exercisers.

Can I swim while wearing a skin hair system?

Yes, you can swim with a thin skin hair system. Our hair systems are designed for round-the-clock wear, allowing you to shower, swim, exercise, and sleep without removing them. Remember though, regular swimming can reduce the lifespan of your hair system.

Should I buy a custom skin hair system or a stock skin hair system?

Most men start with a stock hairpiece, as there is a wide range of options available. However, a custom thin skin hair system is a great choice for those with specific hair requirements like a unique curl, low density, special length, high gray percentage or a specific base design and hair color preference.

Can skin hair systems be easily pulled off?

No, thin skin hair systems from The Hair Solutions Store are attached using strong, water-resistant adhesive. This ensures that your hair system stays in place during all your daily activities, from running and swimming to even skydiving!

How can I extend the lifespan of the skin hair systems?

Proper care and maintenance are key to extending the life of your thin skin hair system. This includes regular shampooing, preventing oxidation, untangling hair gently, avoiding unnecessary hair coloring, and cleaning the hair system properly. Additionally, rotating your hair system with another one and storing it correctly can also help prolong its lifespan.

Is tape or glue a better option for skin hair systems attachement?

Both tape and glue can effectively secure thin skin hair systems. Tape, being clear and water-resistant, is often preferred by beginners as it's easy to apply and clean. However, glue can provide a stronger hold. The choice depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.